Britain’s Biggest Bridezilla Has Five Weddings to the Same Man

Many people dream of their weddings being the most extravagant day of their lives, but this demanding bride had five separate celebrations.

Sandra Igwe, a self-confessed bridezilla, spent a staggering £70,000 on her nuptials and wore 13 dresses over the five days.

She also fell out with many of her friends in the run up to her weddings, due to her ridiculously high demands.

Sandra’s first wedding was held in her father’s Nigerian village, and those invited were asked to pay £2500 to attend.

Guests had to scrimp and save to be able to be there, and one friend even had to take out a loan for his flights (which he is still paying back)!

Sandra appeared on This Morning, and when asked why she wanted guests to spend that much money, she said: “I think if you care about somebody and if you love them, then why wouldn’t you be there for such a significant moment in their entire life. I don’t feel guilty.”

The second celebration was held at an expensive hotel in Lagos, where the bridezilla asked everyone to leave the dance floor so that she could have the area to herself.

She told This Morning: “I’m Nigerian, when you come out into the dance floor it’s all eyes on you. So yes, I needed the dance floor for myself and also for my husband to dance the night away.”

The colour scheme for the day was blue and silver, so in addition to being asked to leave the dance floor, guests were removed from wedding photos if they didn’t fit into the colour palette!

The third celebration was a beach wedding, the fourth was a private ceremony at a registry office in Coventry, and the final day was spent at a lavish London hotel.

On this last day, Sandra forced her sister to wear heels, even when she pleaded not to.

When asked whether all the spent money and fall outs were worth it, Sandra told This Morning: “It was. Honestly everything that I’ve ever imagined.”